Looking for a way to restore your car's paint to its original glory? Curbside Detail offers paint correction services that will remove any swirls, light scratches, oxidation, water spots, and other blemishes from your car's clear coat. We understand that every clear coat is different, which is why we tailor our services to each individual vehicle. With our panel-by-panel machine polishing, we'll have your car looking like new in no time. Get a free quote today and see the Curbside Detail difference!

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If you're noticing your car's paint isn't looking as lustrous as it used to, or you have unsightly swirl marks or scratches, then it's time for some paint correction.

Paint correction is more than just a tedious task – it’s an intricate process that requires time and dedication to finish correctly. Correcting paint on your car can be tricky because there are so many different types of defects which require careful attention in order for them not show up again when you’re finished!

Our team of Fresno Paint Correction Experts at Curbside Detail know exactly how to tackle every type of paint defect, no matter how big or small. We’ll take the time to understand your specific needs and ensure that the job is done right the first time. With our paint correction services, you can be confident that your car will look its best – and will stay looking good for years to come.

Restore Your Vehicle's Showroom Shine

2 Packages to Choose From

1 Step Polish

Our 1 step polish is designed to make a drastic change in your car’s gloss that has been lost due to swirls, oxidation, scratches, & other paint defects. It’s not designed to make the paint perfect again but it will bring your paint back to life!

Cut & Polish

No paint is perfect, but this package will bring you as close as possible to a perfect finish. The main difference between this and our enhancement polish is that this is a multi-step process including a cut step, polish step, and finishing step. Starting with the most aggressive to the least, we will carefully remove up to 95% of paint defects with this package!

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